Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers
I’m going back home to Jamaica, and I wanted to bring all the items in my house with me. I didn’t know how I would get all the things that I had in my three-story house to my home country until someone told me about getting shipping containers. I was told that if I chose a 40-foot container, then I would be able to fill the entire container to the brim to ship all my items to my home country. I checked on the price for shipping, and I couldn’t believe how low the price was, especially with everything I had to ship.

The best thing about shipping containers is the fact that I can fill it with anything, and I planned on getting two containers, and I was shipping two cars as well as all my furniture. Once I got to the shipping containers and filled them, I still had room to buy even more items, so I headed to the store and bought some more furniture as well as appliances to stuff in the container. The two shipping containers that I chose were able to hold everything in my house as well as allowing me to buy other products, which I plan to sell when I get back home.

It only took about a couple weeks for the ANL: shipping containers to arrive in Jamaica, and I was able to pay the customs fees and get all my items to my home, including my two vehicles. I have now filled up my new home in Jamaica with all the items I used to have in my home in the USA, and I couldn’t be happier. I started a business in Jamaica as well, and when I’m ready to buy more products for my business, I will be using a shipping container.

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